Niners RDO Carbon Compaction manufacturing process explained.

Niner Bikes product manager Barrett James explains the RDO Carbon Compaction process used on all of Niner's RDO level carbon frames. In the same way that air forming allows us to achieve tighter tolerances and higher precision on our alloy bikes, the process that we refer to as “RDO Carbon Compaction” allows us to achieve that same level of precision in our carbon frames. This new process allows us to make a lighter stronger frame. consistently. We use this manufacturing process in all of our RDO level carbon bikes. The RDO Carbon Compaction process is a simple system that uses an internal foam core in the exact shape of each tube. The carbon sheet is wrapped around these cores and then they’re placed inside the mold. When the mold is heated, that foam core shrinks to around 1/10th its original size and is easily removed from inside the tube. resulting in a carbon frame that is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside. The ability to to produce a frame with precise predictable wall thickness means that we can make our frames lighter, consistently, and still meet the strict safety standards to which we hold every Niner. The same great suspension and ride that Niner is known for, in a lighter stronger bike. Niners RDO Carbon Compaction manufacturing process explained. from Niner Bikes on Vimeo.
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