ASSOS Lounge Pantofel Slipper

R199.00 R189.00

The ASSOS lounge Pantofel Slipper is the ideal option to pamper your aching feet. Simply slip your feet in and relax post ride with your coffee and friends. Everyone will know your love of, and obsession with, Assos. If the judgment of others bothered you, you would not be the accomplished cyclist you are.


  • The ultimate gift for Assos fans- lounge slippers
  • The right slipper is black with white text “Have a good ride!”
  • The left slipper is white, with a black Assos logo
  • Non-slip knobs on bottom for safety
  • Makes a great gift, just make sure you order a pair for your self as well
  • One size fits most

In stock (can be backordered)

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