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The Look S-Track pedal is the first in the world of MTB to offer a double surface area, with a cleat-pedal contact - 200 mm² - via elastomer pads. This contact is ensured regardless of the type of shoe, by using the 2mm wedge. It also features additional pedal-crampon contact that can be obtained by adjusting the height of the cleat with wedges (0.5, 1 and 2mm) which are slipped under the cleat. The total surface obtained, 460 mm², is by far the largest on the market, which assists power transmission and provides unmatched comfort.

The new S-shaped spring-wire acting as a torsion bar that provides impressive efficiency, with instant cleat insertion and removal in any conditions and the absence of untimely cleat removal and a long working life. The spring-wire system has been proven in the most severe conditions, both in the laboratory and actual use. The simplicity of its design makes the S-Track compact, light and reliable, able to meet the demands of mountain bikers of all levels.

The DCS (Dynamic Cleat System) cleat is specifically designed to ensure optimal evacuation of mud. This guarantees cleat insertion and removal even in the most extreme conditions. Its build-in pads provides stable and effective contact as well as maximum comfort, by eliminating functional play with pedalling fluidity that recalls the best road pedals.


  • Composite body and deflectors
  • 460mm² of surface area
  • Compact and light: 142g
  • 100% made in France
  • Largest bearing surface on the market for maximum power transfer
  • Patented removable cage design for increase flexibility
  • Compact and light-weight with its patented spring-wire system functioning under torsion
  • Optimum mud evacuation with the DCS (Dynamic Cleat System)
  • Use: xc leisure/all mountain
  • Body: composites
  • Deflectors: composites
  • Spindle: chromoly
  • Thread: 9/16 x 20mm
  • Bearings: 2 ball bearings, 1 igus bushing
  • Impermeability: 1 lip seal + 1 seal integrated into the bearing, elastomer plug
  • Spindle/sole height: 12.2mm
  • Pedal spindle/crank distance: 53mm
  • Multitensor: no
  • Cleats: dcs (dynamic cleat system)
  • Angular movement: ± 3°
  • Lateral movement: ± 1mm
  • Cleat removal angle: 15°
  • Weight of pedal: 142g. (320g. per pair with cleats and screws)
  • Accessories: 1 pair of cleats, 1 set of wedges, 1 set of screws