The service package includes the following:

  • Pre-service the week prior to the event_ including:
    • Labour
    • Brake bleeding
    • Drive train check
    • Gear check
    • Cable check
    • Bearing greasing
  • Servicing at the event from Stage 2-6 (excl. prologue) that will include:
    • Labour
    • Brake bleeding
    • Drive train check
    • Gear check
    • Cable check
    • Sealant
    • Lube
    • Wash
    • Return to bike park

In addition to this:

  • We spend an hour a day on each bike_ plus we include all the labour on one service prior to the event_ this takes us 2-3 hours as we do a complete strip down and build of your bike to ensure bearings are fresh and protected before the event_ suspension is serviced and wheels and tires are in good condition. This minimises any chance of a failure at the race.¬†
  • Included labour accounts for 3 hours pre-race servicing plus 1:15 mins on average each day during the race_ we don‚Äôt clock-watch_ if it takes longer we keep working on it. We have yet to bill any extra labour during the race and it would probably require exceptional circumstances.¬†
  • We sell all parts at the race at standard prices ‚Äì you may find cheaper labour rates_ but many inflate their parts pricing to make money on damages.¬†
  • We include major work within our standard labour package ‚Äì this includes wheel building_ frame exchange should your break and need a rebuild_ suspension servicing if required at the race_ pivot and wheel hub repairs.¬†
  • We effect warranty replacements and repairs on your behalf if required ‚Äì we will take parts to the brand representatives at the race to sort out problems


  • All parts will be billed accordingly for the pre-race service and at the event all parts will cleared with you should they need replacing and billed at the race/after the race.
  • Bikes will need to be brought to us at the service village after the event.
  • We will have our bike washer that won‚Äôt be using high pressure hoses on your bike.
  • We will return the bike to the bike park for you.
  • If you have any major drama at the prologue we will do our best to make ourselves available for any issues. You will just need to bring your bike to the store.


We will need all of the following from you re your bikes:

  • Preferred Tyre Pressures
  • Front Fork Pressure
  • Rear Shock Pressure
  • Saddle Height
  • If you have any special component requirements please let us know.
  • Rider race number once issued to you

The massage package includes the following:

  • Pre-race massage on the Thursday or Friday before the event
  • 6x post-race 45 minute Sport Massages/Physiotherapy sessions ‚Äì Stage 2-6 (excl. prologue)
  • Strapping/needling/bracing as required
  • Recovery advice if needed