• DT Swiss Microspline Freebody 350/240,HUBS,DT SWISS,Bike Mob

DT Swiss Microspline Freebody 350/240

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A freehub body with a smaller diameter, the micro splines ensures a good engagement of 11-speed and 12-speed cogsets with Micro Spline mount. The internal drivetrain mechanism also features a real innovation with Scylence, replacing pawls with two ratcheted rings and a conically slotted section on the freehub body for reduced friction and almost silent running. No more freehub ratchet sounds while coasting. The improved engagement results in high reliability in all conditions you might have to face when mountain biking. 7.6 degrees of engagement provide a direct pedalling feel to save decisive seconds on the trail.

  • Micro Spline Feeehub for Shimano 12 speed
  • End caps 12TA x 142/148