FIT Carbo Supreme Sachet

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The human body only stores enough glycogen (the high intensity energy store) to sustain exercise at over 70% of Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) for about 90 minutes. When this runs out you will “hit the wall” or “bonk”, as your body tries to switch to stored fats for energy. Unfortunately it cannot convert the fats fast enough to provide all the energy you need and you end up walking and feeling terrible.

FiT CarboSupreme™ is an "ALL-IN-ONE" race drink / meal which, if drunk continuously during training or racing at the recommended rate, will continually provide all the water, carbohydrates, minerals (plus other physiological support) you will need for maximum performance and endurance, preventing “bonking” & making any additional su

  • FiT CarboSupreme™ is suitable for Oral Hydration and certain Diabetics under exercise induced conditions
  • Helps Prevent Cramping & Spares Glycogen Stores
  • Improves Concentration & Heat Tolerance
  • Low Acidity to Help Combat Lactic Acid
  • Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
  • Vitamins, Minerals & Amino Acids
  • Helps Metabolize Fats for Energy
  • Anti-Oxidants & Electrolytes