• PERFECT FOR RACING: GUP's custom speed adapter top allows you to repair a flat tire fast and effectively to get you back on the trail or onto the race course within seconds and much faster than changing a tube. GUP's eco-friendly, non-corrosive, ammonia free, foaming latex-based sealant injects straight through the valve w/o removing the valve core and seals standard 2mm diameter punctures. Depending on conditions, it will stay liquid form for roughly 30 days within tubeless tire.
  • WORKS WITH TUBELESS, TUBE, AND TUBULAR TIRES: Capable of working with all major tire systems and both PRESTA or SHRADER valves. Inflates standard 27.5x2.35 MTB tire to around 35psi and road tires between 90-100psi. After being applied, GUP's solution will help prevent and repair additional flats while in liquid form. ANOTHER USE: The 125ml/4.2fl oz canister has enough pressure to set tubeless tires beads onto a rim while cleanly injecting sealant into the tire. WORKS ON ALL MAJOR TIRE SIZES
  • ULTIMATE BACK-UP PLAN: Whether you're a mountain biker, triathlete, cyclocross racer or road cyclist, GUP can play a major role in getting you BACK ON YOUR BIKE if your primary sealant fails to work or you lose too much air before it FIXES THE PUNCTURE. BE PREPARED on your next ride or race and carry a canister of GUP with you. NON-TOXIC FORMULA.
  • USA BASED COMPANY: By purchasing from us, you're supporting a California-owned business. A GREAT GIFT for any recreational cyclist or competitive athlete who wants to have the ultimate BACK-UP PLAN while riding, training, or racing. G√úP is a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY that gives back to local organizations and minimizes waste in their facility by reusing shipping materials and packaging. GUP is made by cyclists for cyclists! EXPEDITED SHIPPING UNAVAILABLE.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE: G√úP is only 122grams, which is LIGHTER THAN MOST TUBES. Simply insert the valve into the SPEED ADAPTER and press up on the canister to start the flow of sealant and propellant, wait until canister has emptied, clean and close valve, spin the tire to coat the inside, and depending on puncture, it should be sealed.