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The Lezyne Lever Patch Kit is an all in one patch kit and tyre lever combo all kept in place within a small aluminium case.

What you get in the kit is a pair of Lezyne Power Levers, that's tyre levers to you and me, nine glueless patches, a stainless steel inner-tube scuffer and one tyre boot, all conveniently and tidily held together by an aluminium sleeve that's available in a selection of blingy colours. All the little puncture bits fit inside the aluminium case and the tyre levers, sorry Power Levers, press fit on either side to keep it all secure. It's really rather cute and neat.

Neat, but useful? The tyre levers are made from a Composite Matrix and are efficient tyre removers, and although they do bend worryingly under the strain of a particularly tight bead they haven't snapped.

The stainless steel tube scuffer is small and frighteningly effective at roughening up an inner tube to offer a good purchase for a patch. It's also handy for removing roadside bunions, or as a Parmesan grater for hamsters.