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LIGHTWEIGHT Wheelset 28 "Milestone C 24D Disc 20/20 | Clincher 

Lightweight proudly present the latest product, their first disc brake wheelset, the milestone C 24D Disc. 
The latest Lightweight innovation combines the best German engineering with many years of outstanding know-how in the processing of carbon fibers. The handcrafted milestone C 24D Disc combines the world-renowned attention to detail and the pursuit of technical perfection. 
The unique carbon fiber pentagon hub design is the technological heart of the wheelset, with the classic milestone rim profile unchanged. A pentagonal hub body guarantees the optimal form-fitting, secure connection between the wheel, the brake discs exposed to high forces and the heat released during braking. This provides more safety while improving one of the main strengths compared to the competition: the direct transmission of power from the pedal to the road. 

The outstanding stiffness in combination with the special power transmission of the wheels 
is legendary and provides a noticeable advantage over classic metal spoke wheels even with heavy braking. Lightweight's carbon spokes and rims will not bend or buckle under heavy load, resulting in a noticeable benefit in terms of braking power and braking precision. 

With a weight of 1352 grams, the milestone C 24D Disc Clincher wheelset is well below the weight of all currently available on the market wheelsets with disc brakes, which seems almost unimaginable with a maximum system weight of 120 kg. 

A special treat and an expression of attention to detail is the spoke magnet laminated into each wheel (front & back)!