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The Pirelli Scorpion‚Ñ¢ MTB range was born from Pirelli's experience and know how in the world of off-road competitions. Rally and motocross are an integral part of our DNA and were the starting point for the research and development that culminated with the Scorpion‚Ñ¢ MTB. The shape of the knobs was based on the experience and technology behind the Scorpion‚Ñ¢ MX range, which has been used on every motocross and supercross race circuit in the world, winning more than 65 world titles.


The Scorpion™ MTB Hard Terrain range was specifically designed for compact, hard terrain. When riding in these conditions, it is important to have excellent feeling when cornering and an excellent contact area without sacrificing smoothness. The result is a packed design with a low tread—whose pattern guarantees excellent contact by adapting to the terrain rather than penetrating it, be it dry or wet—perfect for riding at high speeds with a great sense of security.


The Scorpion‚Ñ¢ MTB Mixed Terrain range offers the right balance between aggressive and smooth riding to face any terrain of variable consistency. A tyre that combines different features, with a spacing of the knobs and a design that's perfect for mixed conditions, like undergrowth and dirt roads, whether dry or wet.


The Scorpion‚Ñ¢ MTB Soft Terrain range was specifically designed for soft and inconsistent terrain. Riding on this type of terrain calls for an aggressive tread capable of penetrating and offering traction and excellent grip when cornering, without sacrificing smoothness. These features are provided by an aggressive design with deep knobs that are widely spaced and a rubber compound that offers elevated grip in dry and wet conditions, without deformities that would impact smoothness.


The Scorpion‚Ñ¢ MTB Rear Specific range was specifically designed for the rear wheel. It's a product that was optimised to offer uncompromising performance when riding and braking as well as special control over the rear axle when corning, besides greater resistance to wear compared to generic models. The size and spacing of the knobs follows the design developed for the Mixed Terrain model, making it a perfect tyre for mixed terrain and variable conditions, be they dry or wet.