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Shimano FCM660 Chainring

The Shimano SLX 9-speed chainring for the FC-M660 crankset

This Shimano SLX chainring was made for the FC-M660 3x9-speed cranks, but the 22-tooth version is compatible with many other cranks and drivetrains. The 4-arm chainrings have a bolt circle diameter of 64 mm or 104 mm and are made of steel, composite or aluminium. With the FC-M660 the gradations 22-32-44 and 26-36-48 teeth can be produced.


Application: All Mountain, Trail, Cross Country, City & Touring
Mount: 104/64 mm bolt circle diameter, 4-arm
Teeth: 22 t, 26 t, 32 t, 36 t, 44 t, 48 t
Gearing: 3x9-speed, 2x9-speed (only 22 t), 2x10-speed (only 22 t)

Technical Information:

Combinations: 22-32-44 t, 26-36-48 t, 22-36 t (with FC-M665, FC-M627, FC-M617, FC-M677, FC-M4050-B2)
Material: steel (22 t + 26 t), steel fibreglass composite (32 t), aluminium (36 t to 48 t)