Shimano M9000 Xtr Brake Lever


This is a complete Shimano XTR M9000 brake assembly. Available as front or rear separately, this is the race version of the XTR MTB brake from Shimano. Ultralight and responsive, this represents the pinnacle of disc braking technology. Thanks to improved control, heat reduction and ergonomics, you’ll seamlessly react to terrain changes with the highest level of braking confidence. The M9000 Race brake has race-tuned power and overall lighter weight thanks to a magnesium caliper and titanium mounting bolts, aluminum backed pad and superior heat management thanks to an insulated piston and insulated pad coating.


Lever Specifications:

Model Number: BL-M9000

Series: XTR

Brake Compatibility: BR-M9000

Hydraulic Fluid: SHIMANO Mineral

Brake Hose Type: SM-BH90-SBM

Brake Lever Size: 2

SERVO WAVE Action Power Adjuster: -

Reach Adjuster: x (Tool)



Brake Specifications:

Model Number: BR-M9000

Series: XTR

Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc-brake

Compatible Brake Lever: BL-M9000

Brake Pad Types: G02A Resin / G04Ti Metal

Hydraulic Fluid: SHIMANO Mineral

Brake Hose Type: SM-BH90-SBM

Piston Type: 2