Zipp 303 NSW Carbon Road Disc Front Wheel

This Zipp 303 disc-brake compatible front wheel provides race-winning performance in a tubeless-ready design to give you maximum control. Featuring a lightweight and stiff carbon fibre construction, its 45mm rim depth lets you  take your ride further than ever before, maintaining speed and control even on the roughest road surfaces.

Superior Magnetised Hub

At the heart of this 303 NSW front wheel is Zipp's Cognition hub which comfortably rides the cutting edge in disc-brake compatible hub design. Whereas a conventional hub effectively functions as a drum brake once the rider stops pedalling and begins to coast, the Cognition hub disengages the ratchet via powerful internal magnets, effectively putting the bike in neutral gear. The moment you rotate the pedals forward, the ratchet re-engages and applies your power instantly.


  • Hub Model: Cognition Disc
  • Rim Outer Width: 28.9mm
  • Rim Internal Width: 21mm
  • Rim: Carbon Clincher
  • Rim Depth: 58mm
  • Rim Dimple Surface: ABLC Sawtooth
  • Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray J-Bend
  • Spoke Hole Count: 24 Hole
  • Spoke Length: 264mm
  • Max Tyre Pressure: 125 psi
  • Nipples: Sapim, External
  • Weight: 720g (front

Zipp 404 NSW Full Carbon Clincher Rear Wheel

The Zipp 404 NSW Full Carbon Clincher is designed to provide exceptional stiffness, rolling performance and aerodynamic efficiency for Triathletes and Time Trial riders. With a rim depth of 58mm, the 404 NSW wheel design is the ultimate all-rounder. Providing awe-inspiring climbing prowess and is more than capable of maintaining speed on the flats; it is strong enough to handle race events across cobbled streets, but is light enough to inspire rider confidence when sprinting out of corners.

Highly Advanced, Simple to Maintain

The 404 NSW rear wheel features a Zipp Cognition hub that is equipped with an AxialClutch mechanism, which is unique to Zipp. A clutch being put in place of a standard freehub pawl engagement means that when you are free-coasting there is no engagement whatsoever; meaning effectively you are rolling in neutral gear and no wattage is lost. The instant you rotate the pedals slightly, the magnets within the hub pull the clutch back into engagement and power-transfer resumes as normal. It may sound complex for a bicycle, but the beauty is that although this is highly advanced technology it is incredibly simple to maintain.

Advanced Aerodynamics

This wheel features among the most advanced aerodynamics in the world of road cycling, developed using 42 different CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) concept studies and weeks of research in the wind tunnel. The 404 NSW features up to a 34% reduction in crosswind side force that provides unrivalled stability for a rim of this depth, and saves watts that would have been spent keeping the bike straight. The same stability that makes the 404 NSW fast on the flats also provides absolute confidence during high speed descents.


  • Material: Rim: Carbon; Hub: 7075 Alloy
  • Rim Surface: ABLC Sawtooth
  • Rim Type: Carbon Clincher
  • Rim Depth: 58mm
  • Rim Internal Width: 17.25mm
  • Rim External Brake Track Width: 26.4mm
  • Rim External Max Width: 27.8mm
  • Hub Spacing O.L.D.: 130mm
  • Hub Model: Cognition
  • Axle Standard: Quick Release
  • Bearings: Swiss Stainless Steel
  • Spoke Count: 24
  • Spoke Lacing Pattern: 2-Cross
  • Weight: 850g
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